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With more than a decade of professional experience in the field of ICT, WAN was founded in Jan 2005. Since then, WAN has been supplying businesses and individuals with equipment from essential network parts such as switches, cables, routers and wireless links to network solutions in order to establish and manage their IT networks.

Partnering & Distribution

Our Staff

Our staff are highly skilled professionals and have a broad and extensive experience in designing and installing IT networks, and are committed to the highest quality for delivering excellent services.

Our Services

CCTV & IP Surveillance

Voice Over IP


Consultation & Network Design

Barcode Technology System

Fingerprint & Time Attendance

Smart Homes and Cities

Network Devices & Equipment

ICT Training

Website Design & Development

Database Design & Development

Domain & Hosting

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Main showroom

Near Yadi Hotel
Salim Street
Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Fiber Optic Technology

Ali Namali Building
Salim Street
Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Barcode Technology

Near to University of Suleimani old Campus
Metran Street
Kurdistan Region, Iraq

CCTV & IP Surveillance Showroom

Azadi Mall building, Office No.6
Parki Azadi Street
Kurdistan Region, Iraq

System Engineering Department

Ali Namali Building, 2nd floor
Salim Street
Kurdistan Region, Iraq